Check Out ‘Planet of Snail’ for Blindness Awareness Month

Each month of the year is dedicated to raising awareness for a specific disability. Starting this month, we will be recommending movies that pertain to that month’s disability focus.

Image of the white ribbon for Blind Awareness Month

October is Blindness Awareness month, and to better help spread awareness of the cause, we recommend watching Planet of Snail. Directed by Seung-jun Yi, Planet of Snail is “a glimpse into the unique relationship of deaf and blind Young-Chan and his wife Soon-Ho, who has a spinal disability and shortened stature. The two navigate life’s challenges (such as the hour-long changing of a light bulb) together with an astonishing level of communication and trust. Soon-Ho interprets the outside world for Young-Chan, communicating using finger Braille and adapted computers, while Young-Chan treats Soon-Ho’s debilitating pain with acupuncture.” (As stated by

Promotional poster for Planet of Snail

Planet of Snail is a very touching movie that will help provide a better insight into the life of a blind person. We recommend this movie to people who want to know more about blindness and the trials that blind people go through. The movie and trailer are captioned for users who need it. Follow the link below to watch a trailer for the film, and you can also purchase the film digitally on iTunes.

Name  Trailer
Planet of SnailLink