Brighten Your Typing Skills With The Azio Backlit Keyboard

Large-print keyboards are a crucial tool for making computers accessible. The increased size of the keyboard characters allow low-vision users to better recognize where keys are located, which makes typing that much easier. Azio’s new keyboard takes things one step further with keys that are not only larger, but also brighter.

Image of an Azio large-print keyboard with yellow backlight

Not only do Azio’s keyboards have characters that are two times the size of those on a normal keyboard, they also feature a backlight that illuminates the keys, as well. A Brightness Wheel on the keyboard itself controls the backlight so that users can adjust the brightness of the keyboard to their liking.

There are five different backlight options: yellow, blue, cyan, red and Chartreuse. Each keyboard also comes with hotkeys that open web browsers and control audio and video playback. Overall, Azio have turned the large-print keyboard into an immersive experience.