New Screen Reader for Android. (News Article)

Google’s Android continues to develop on accessibility for its platform. At the moment Google uses their built in screen reader, TalkBack, for users with visual impairments and the blind.  Now, there is another screen reader on the Play Store market that provides more built in functionality and different modes based on visual disability.

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Improving Accessibility, One Braille Display At A Time

Barriers are being broken down when it comes to making new technology accessible, but there is still work to be done. For blind users who can read Braille, devices like phones and tablets have a degree of accessibility. Braille keyboards and touch readers make things easier, but these devices can cost quite a bit. Researchers at the University of Michigan may have found a way around that problem with an innovative new Braille display.

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Brighten Your Typing Skills With The Azio Backlit Keyboard

Large-print keyboards are a crucial tool for making computers accessible. The increased size of the keyboard characters allow low-vision users to better recognize where keys are located, which makes typing that much easier. Azio’s new keyboard takes things one step further with keys that are not only larger, but also brighter.

Image of an Azio large-print keyboard with yellow backlight

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