Essential ZoomText update!

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The magnification and screen reading software ZoomText released a recent update that is crucial and all versions need to be updated to Any previous version will malfunction, such as it not working properly on student accounts as well as not launching at all. A clean installation is suggested because the updater will not work properly.

Improving Accessibility, One Braille Display At A Time

Barriers are being broken down when it comes to making new technology accessible, but there is still work to be done. For blind users who can read Braille, devices like phones and tablets have a degree of accessibility. Braille keyboards and touch readers make things easier, but these devices can cost quite a bit. Researchers at the University of Michigan may have found a way around that problem with an innovative new Braille display.

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Leap Motion: Computing with Hand Gestures

leap-motion device held in a hand click image to go to Leap Motion Official homepage

A few weeks ago we talked about “tobii EyeMobile” a device which allowed a user to control a windows 8 tablet using their eyes today we will be talking about a device similar in nature. The Leap Motion is a device which gives users the ability to control a computer using just their hands. Leap Motion was originally created when a group of 3D model designers found using a mouse and keyboard was really inefficient when working with 3D models, what they created was a revolutionary Assistive Technology Device which can give some students an alternative method to control a computer.Lets face it the keyboard and mouse set up is not the most accessible or flexible tool out there and it takes learning a whole new set of skills(which may be difficult or nearly impossible for some) but with Leap Motion the controls can be changed and adjusted based on the users individual needs or preferences just by using different apps that are available for Mac & PC Users. The leap Motion cost $79.99 and the apps for computer controls range from free to $4.99. For more information check out the links and Videos below.


Purchase link for the Leap Motion Device

App store for computer control apps


Pointable OS (Windows 7 & 8) Demonstration Video (no vocal audio)