Assistive Technology Software for iPad and Chromebook

Below we have a list of applications and browser extensions for iPad and Chromebooks. Some of the software requires a paid subscription and some are free with the CATS lab package.
Read & Write Gold Chrome extension
( 1 Month Premium Trial)
FineScanner: PDF Document Scan
(Free trial and paid version)
Read the Web by Kurzweil extension
( free with account)
Ava- 24/7 Accessible Life: Live captioning
(Free trial and paid version)
Open Dyslexic Font for Chrome
Kurzweil 3000 Read the Web
(free with account)
Control alt achieve

How to Prevent “Zoombombing” in a Few Easy Steps

“Zoombombing” is when uninvited guests join a Zoom meeting and cause distruptions. This can happen if a link to a Zoom meeting is shared to the public, and it can lead to a hurl of inappropriate content being shown to viewers in the meeting. There is also an automated tool being used to discover unprotected Zoom meetings (meetings without passwords).

Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to prevent uninvited guests and to make your meetings more secure, such as setting a meeting password, creating a waiting room, and more. Read the New York Times Article on how to prevent Zoombombing here.

Notice from CATS and MAP

Starting March 17, 2020, CATS & MAP will be providing via email, phone and other online modalities.

If you have questions or need assistance, please call the office at (718) 281-5014, or email Shivan Mahabir

MAP Accessibility Resources

MAP has created how-to guides and training videos on digital accessibility to assist faculty and staff in the transition to online learning. Head over to the MAP Accessibility Resources page for more information on maximizing access. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for future training videos.

Lipsurf – Control the web by voice commands

Lipsurf is a free Google Chrome extension, with a signed-in Google account, that gives you the ability to control the web voice commands. Installation Steps Once you install Lipsurf – enable the extension, the user will be asked to login…

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