How to Prevent “Zoombombing” in a Few Easy Steps

“Zoombombing” is when uninvited guests join a Zoom meeting and cause distruptions. This can happen if a link to a Zoom meeting is shared to the public, and it can lead to a hurl of inappropriate content being shown to viewers in the meeting. There is also an automated tool…

Transition to Online Learning – Captioning Video Lectures

The transition to distance learning will result in an overwhelming amount of videos faculty may use for their online lectures. Many professors have expressed concerns on how they would caption their videos for their deaf/hard-of-hearing students. Captioning can be a long process; for example, a 5 minute video can take up to 30 minutes to manually caption, making it difficult to caption/transcribe video content.

Disability Services at CUNY

The video below, title Disability Services at CUNY, has been produced through the efforts of Ashleigh Thompson, University Dean for Education, Central Office of Academic Affairs, with funding from the IT Accessibility Task Force Strategic Technology Initiative (STI). Closed captioning available.