7th Annual CUNY Accessibility Conference

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The CUNY Accessibility Conference is almost here! We look forward to seeing you all on this big day of networking and learning. See the information below for the Conference schedule, presentation outline, and other information pertaining to the Conference.

Conference schedule (HTML / PDF)

Presentation outline (HTML / PDF)

Directions to John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Suggested Hotels close to John Jay

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7th Annual CUNY Accessibility Conference

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Improving Accessibility, One Braille Display At A Time

Barriers are being broken down when it comes to making new technology accessible, but there is still work to be done. For blind users who can read Braille, devices like phones and tablets have a degree of accessibility. Braille keyboards and touch readers make things easier, but these devices can cost quite a bit. Researchers at the University of Michigan may have found a way around that problem with an innovative new Braille display.

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A New Kind Of Web Browsers With the Essentials for Accessibility

Navigating the internet can sometimes be hard for many users, especially given that World Wide Web is yet to be fully accessible. Web browser options are plentiful, with Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and others available. Yet, many of these lack integrated accessibility support, which means users have to get third-party programs and extensions to make their browsers accessible. The new eSSENTIAL ACCESSIBILTY Browser helps to make the process of accessing the internet much easier by incorporating these accessible features right out of installation.

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