8th Annual CUNY Accessibility Conference| Excellence through academic partnership

Awardee Karen Gourgey giving a speech

Excellence through academic partnership is the theme for the 8th Annual CUNY Accessibility Conference. Which will be held at John Jay College on Monday, April 10th, 2017. We have scheduled the Conference at the start of Spring Break to give faculty and staff an opportunity to attend while classes are not in session. Please plan to join us!

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You can follow us on Twitter @CUNYAccessConf and @CUNY_CATS

Deaf and Blind football player doesn’t let his disability stop him

Marvin Pearson is a deaf and blind  football player at  Pottstown High School in Pennsylvania. He is an inspiring individual that does not let his disability deter him from his dreams. Here is a video of him being interviewed on The Ellen show.


Text Fairy Logo

Have the power of OCR technology right in your phone! Text Fairy is a free Android application that recognizes text in printed documents or images and converts it into editable text. For those who aren’t familiar, OCR, or Optical Character Recognition, works by scanning for text in an image and converting it into editable, searchable data. The app works by either capturing an image using your camera or by choosing an image in your photo album. Then, after going through a few options, Text fairy converts the images into editable text in no time.

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Having Your Apple Product Accessible to Your Use.

Inverted colors on IPhone screen

A brief description on some of the accessibility features apple has to offer with their devices. When asking around find many people not aware of the “Accessibility tips and tricks” by Apple on your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. The accessibility features that are built into the devices contains Guided Access, VoiceOver, and Assistive Touch. These features can help students with impaired vision and or blind, impaired hearing and or deaf.

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