Google Hangouts Brings A Personal Touch To Sign Language

For users who are hearing impaired or deaf,  it can be hard to get your message across over the internet sometimes. While services like Skype,  GoToMeeting, and OOVOO  are helpful with live video feed, they lack the accessibility aspect for millions of computer users. However, Google kept accessibility in mind for their latest feature, Sign Language Interpreter for Google Hangouts

Image of a Google Hangouts video chat with as viewed by one of Google's on-demand sign language interpreter.

By Keeping accessibility in mind for video chatting or conferencing, Google provides a neat feature to help sign language users utilizing the free service. For those who don’t know, Google Hangouts is a free text messaging/video chatting app and website  for Android, iOS, and Windows phone users.  Using a Interpreter is free and easy to use. Simply click this link and sign in with your Gmail account if you have not done so already. It will then ask you to install a plugin for Google Hangouts.

Image of Interpreter or Signer options

Select Signer, then continue. As you wait, you will be patched with an interpreter. You also have the option to become an interpreter for other people. Google continues to expand on their efforts  to make Android a more accessible ecosystem.