Lipsurf – Control the web by voice commands

Lipsurf is a free and open source Google Chrome extension, with a signed-in Google account, that gives you the ability to control the web voice commands.

Installation Steps

Once you install Lipsurf – enable the extension, the user will be asked to login to their Google account. Once you are set, it will ask for permission to access your microphone, and then you can start using Lipsurf right away.


By saying simple commands such as “scroll down” or “up”, “new tab”, “click link”, you will be able to navigate your webpage.

Lipsurf also has a dictation feature for when replying to emails or for searching the web. It can also allow users to control videos on the webpage by saying “play”, “pause”, and “resume”.  Lipsurf can also bring up the “tags” on a page which allows an easier way of opening or clicking on exactly what you are looking for.

To allow this feature, all you have to say is “tags” and it becomes highlighted on the page. Users can also say “help” which will bring up a help screen of commands for users for page navigation.  The great thing about Lipsurf is that as you add the extension, it will bring up an easy walk through tutorial for new users.

Learn more below on LipSurf in the video down below.