Canada Tire Wheel Ad

Canadian Tire Wheel Ad

Airing during the Rio Olympics back in Summer 2016, the ad “Canada Tire Wheel”, led by the platform Cleansheet Communication, only got 138 million views at the time of posting. However, in 2017, the commercial got a new wind when the video went from three million views to 20 million views in less than 24 hours. The ad also got picked up by Times of India blog and now has surpassed 40 million views on Facebook without any paid support.

Canada Tire’s “Wheel” commercial also won the 2017 Gold Winner CLIO Sport award for its heartwarming ad to promote #inclusion. The emotional story of Canadian kindness and inclusiveness takes going viral to a new level, by opening the eyes of many around the world to show how breaking the barriers of society for those with disabilities can also open the door for diversity among us when everyone feels included.



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