Get Acquainted With Braille By Using Pocket Braille

For people who are blind or have vision impairments, learning Braille is useful and, in some cases, essential. However, resources for learning braille can be limited and difficult to find. Fortunately for Apple users, there is a free resource for learning braille in the form of Pocket Braille Reference.

The launch screen for Pocket Braille on the iPad welcomes users before directing them to one of its many reference tabs.

Pocket Braille Reference is a comfortable, easy-to-use app that gives users the opportunity to learn how to type in braille both by individual letters and by words. The app gives braille translations for all English letters, numbers and punctuation marks in braille. The app is completely compatible with VoiceOver, so low-vision users don’t need to worry about Pocket Braille being too reliant on visual elements.

Pocket Braille is available for free on all iOS platforms (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) Link . Now, it’s easier than ever to learn, read and write braille.