BrailleBack, the Android ready Braille app

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For people who are visually impaired, software such as TalkBack  allows their mobile phones to become accessible, fitting their needs.  With developers trying to further the agenda of making mobile devices more accessible, this app doesn’t fail at that.This Google-developed app allows you to make braille devices compatible with your Android devices. This is great help for users who are already accustomed to their braille devices such as the Harpo Braillepen 12 or the Freedom Scientific Focus Blue.  This application also works together with TalkBack to give users a better experience with their phones. The app is free to download on the Google Play store, letting you connect a supported refreshable braille display to your device via Bluetooth. Screen content will be presented on the braille display and you can navigate and interact with your device using the keys on the display. It is possible to input text using the braille keyboard, as described by Google developers and as displayed below.

Picture of BrailleBack on a Android phone

Below are the instructions created by Google on how to install the app as well as which  braille devices are compatible with BrailleBack.

Steps to activate this app:

* Go to Settings
* Select Accessibility
* Select BrailleBack, and enable the checkbox
* Go back to Settings
* Select Bluetooth
* If your bluetooth braille display is not listed, make sure the display is in pairing mode and select Search For Devices
* Select the name of your braille display to make sure that it is paired

For further instructions, press the space bar and dots 1, 2 and 3 on the display at the same time. If your display doesn’t have braille input keys, choose Keyboard help in BrailleBack settings

Devices that are supported for this version of BrailleBack:

* APH Refreshabraille
* Baum VarioConnect
* Esys EuroBraille
* Freedom Scientific Focus Blue (14 and 40 cell models)
* HandyTech (Basic Braille, Active Braille, Braille Star, Braille Wave, Braillino, Easy Braille)
* Harpo Braillepen 12
* HIMS (BrailleSense, Braille EDGE)
* Humanware Brailliant (1st generation and BI models)
* Optelec Alva (BC640, BC680)
* Papenmeier Braillex Trio
* Seika (notetaker and 40 cell display)

Below, you’ll find a video of BrailleBack in use.

BraileBack Being Uses.