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CUNY Assistive Technology Services

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What is CATS?
CUNY Assistive Technology Services (CATS) is a team of assistive technology specialists with our goal to stay on the forefront of assistive technology, providing support for those technologies, to all students attending the various CUNY colleges.

CATS(website) is an online resource for CUNY’s assistive technology professionals. We provide a unified channel of information on best practices, emerging technologies and tested solutions that provide access to CUNY students with disabilities.Learn more about CATS

Media Accessibility Project

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What is MAP?
The Media Accessibility Project is a special project funded by the CUNY Council on Student Disability Issues (COSDI) to provide training and engage with faculty, instructional designers, and other content producers to maximize accessibility in online, hybrid, and traditional learning spaces and courses. Learn more about MAP

Learning Disability Project


What is LD Project?
The mission of the Learning Disabilities Project is to develop CUNY students’ self-understanding of their own strengths and limitations. The Learning Disabilities Project addresses these needs by assisting students in receiving evaluations. Furthermore trainings and online resources are provided to faculty and staff at CUNY on a regular basis to support the continued understanding of our students. Learn more about LD Project.

Digital Accessiblity

Accessibility in higher education ensures that any student can access digital content and information regardless of ability or disability. Accessible course content plays a huge role in Universal Design, as it removes barriers for every student. Even so, students with disabilities are the primary audience, as inaccessible course content can be a major obstacle in the learning process.

Learn about Laws Regarding Accessibility

Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology is any item, piece of equipment, or system used to increase, maintain, or improve access to information or facilities for individuals with disabilities.