TEXT FAIRY. (News Article)

Text Fairy Logo

Have the power of OCR technology right in your phone! Text Fairy is a free Android application that recognizes text in printed documents or images and converts it into editable text. For those who aren’t familiar, OCR, or Optical Character Recognition, works by scanning for text in an image and converting it into editable, searchable data. The app works by either capturing an image using your camera or by choosing an image in your photo album. Then, after going through a few options, Text fairy converts the images into editable text in no time.

text fairy screen shot

Take a picture of the text that you want to convert by tapping on the screen and move the blue frame to where you want it positioned.


A screen shot choosing a column.

After positioning the frame around the text you want to be recognized, it will ask if you want the results in one column or two columns.

A screen shot of text fairy scan through the text.

While it’s recognizing and enhancing the text, it will show a percentage sign indicating its status. Text Fairy works quickly, even with long documents!

A screen shot of the final stage of text fairy.

Once it is finished, you are able to edit the text, copy it to your clipboard, and export it as a PDF. Another option you have with Text Fairy is to activate speech and have the text read to you with no additional cost.