New Screen Reader for Android. (News Article)

Google’s Android continues to develop on accessibility for its platform. At the moment Google uses their built in screen reader, TalkBack, for users with visual impairments and the blind.  Now, there is another screen reader on the Play Store market that provides more built in functionality and different modes based on visual disability.

Screen Reader for the Blind app icon

ScreenReader for Blind, or Shineplus, provides new and unique features for the mobile screen reader. There are three mode options right when you launch the app, the first being Voice-orientated and zoom support intended for the blind. The second option is Zoom-orientated and voice support for people with vision below 0.1. The third option is vision protection and legibility improvement for sight protection including bad vision, presbyopia, and various eye diseases.

Screenreader for the Blind initial menu

This type of app is new to Android with its lengthy features and extra functionality, making it easier to use. A few examples are optimization with the Google Chrome browser, and the apps  functions can hide itself so no interruptions are made when the user is on another app. Other improvements are “mobile accessibility such as fast searching, image labeling by changing physical key or screen layer through powerful usability tools. It includes tools (candy bar) that have no repulsion for anyone to use with simple design”, as stated on the Play Store description. Another thing to note is that this app is compatible with Android version Jelly Bean (4.3) and above. Images below will demonstrate the app working on Android phone and tablet.

Screen Reader for Blind show/hide bar
Screen Reader for Blind expanding content image
Expanding Letter Typing for Screen Reader for Blind
Screen Reader for Blind tablet use for magnification