Handheld Video Magnifier: Ruby 7 HD

Ruby 7 HD rotating the camera

Freedom Scientific acquired a new handheld video magnifier called the Ruby 7 HD. The Ruby 7 HD is equipped with a tremendous 7-inch screen, giving this model an extra two full inches compared to any of the other Ruby magnifiers. Due to the increase in screen size, this new layout gives users larger text and images so you can view more and make reading a lot easier.

Another new feature is the PivotCam, a rotating camera that allows you to extend viewing advantages. For example, with the 3-in-1 video magnification you can see up close, far, and everything in between. The Ruby 7 HD gives you 24x magnification rather than the other Ruby magnifiers that only go up to 14x maximum. Below is a tutorial with brief details and examples going over features on the new Ruby 7 HD video magnifier.