AXS Map — Your Go-To Map For Location Accessibility!

Interactivity. Accessibility. These two go hand in hand when talking about sharing information. When we think about what “sharing” really means, a lot of us think it means posting updates on Facebook, tagging someone in a funny or interesting post — but none of ever stop to think “What if sharing meant participating in creating opportunities for others to succeed?” We’re always talking about wanting to see change in our world. What if we could actually help by being the change? This is where AXS Map comes into play.

AXS Map is a relatively new accessibility website that allows you to search for accessible places near you. So, if you’re going to the movies, going on a date or trying to find an accessible place to get your haircut, AXS Map is the right tool for you! With a few simple steps and the entry of your zip code, you’ll find lots of information about accessible and inaccessible places near you so that you don’t waste time by going to a place without knowing whether it’s accessible first.

Know about accessible places that aren’t listed? Perfect! AXS Map allows users to submit and review places that they know about which may not have been previously listed on AXS Map. So, whether you’re reviewing places to help others or in need of information about accessible locations, AXS Map has you covered.

Here’s a simple video on how AXS Map can work for you!

AXS Map Introductory Video

For more information or to go to go to the AXS Map website, please click here: