Accommodations for Deaf Students; Getting the Biggest Bang for Your Buck

Howard Hines, University Coordinator, Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services The City University of New York has accommodated the needs of Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing (HOH) students attending CUNY campuses for more than 30 years.  LaGuardia Community College has spearheaded the services to this population with unique needs most consistently throughout its history.  Unlike other CUNY campuses that experience sporadic and inconsistent enrollments on their campuses, the most common denominator they share are the limited resources available and the huge deficits absorbed by their campus budgets. Too often campuses are seeking a “one size fit all” solution to identifying the most cost effective methods to adequately meet the needs of students who have acquired or hereditary hearing loss.  While most campuses do not have staff with expertise dealing with this population, the Office of Deaf and HOH services under the auspices of Student Affairs serves in an advisory capacity to assist CUNY campuses.  Together, partnered with the Programs for Deaf Adults (PDA) at LaGuardia Community College this presentation will address a myriad of issues leading to managing accommodations for Deaf/HOH students both within the community college and senior college settings. Click here to go back