Session IB

CUNY Online Faculty Accessibility Training Workshop Development Update


Antonia Levy, Christopher Leydon, Krystyna Michael, Christopher Kchao


This presentation is a progress report by CUNY School of Professional Studies staff members involved in the development of an online, self-paced workshop site for faculty that addresses accessibility in online education. The creation and implementation of this Blackboard course is funded by the Strategic Technology Accessibility Initiative and is part of a larger plan to implement training on accessibility issues in online education for faculty and staff CUNY-wide. When complete, this workshop site will be made available to all CUNY campuses and benefit students across the entire University.

Using VDI for Accessibility – Lessons Learned


Patricia Kahn, Mark Lewental, Linda John


The College of Staten Island was faced with a challenge of providing students with disabilities,access to software required for their courses. Limited resources only provided access to this software in certain labs and workstations. In order to address this challenge and provide for a Universal Design environment, CSI is leveraging a VDI environment and providing access to accessibility software from the cloud. Taking this a step further, closed captioned video tutorials are created and stored on NJVID to provide further support for these users. This presentation will discuss CSI’s strategy for a successful implementation including communication, documentation, and training as well as the challenges that were addressed.


VDI and NJVID The Solution to Universal Design for Students with Accessibilities PowerPoint

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