Microsoft Teams

Accessing Microsoft 365 Teams
for CUNY Students, Faculty, and Staff

Below, you will find two ways of accessing Microsoft Teams. One way is by installing Teams standalone. Second way would be through installing Teams with the Microsoft Office 365 suite. See a brief walk through of Teams.

Teams is available through the CUNY Microsoft Office 365 license.

Installing Microsoft Teams only

First, use this link to directly download and install Microsoft Teams to your computer. Click on Download Teams. Then, follow the installation steps.

Download Teams
Download Teams button on Microsoft’s website

Here, you will enter your CUNYFirst/Blackboard username, followed by

It will be The numbers you enter are the last two numbers of your EMPLID. Your EMPLID can be found on your CUNY ID card. Click Sign-in.

Example CUNY username email for CUNY.
Initial username login for Teams

After entering your username, you will be taken to CUNY Web Applications login.

Enter the same username and CUNYFirst/Blackboard password.

Second login, CUNY Web Applications Login, for entering CUNY First Username and Password.
CUNY’s Web Applications Login

Installing Teams with the Microsoft Office 365 suite

Besides installing Microsoft Teams on your computer, you can sign in to your Office 365 account and use Teams from there. Before logging in to Office 365, make sure the browser you are using is either Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. There are multiple ways to login through you CUNY campuses website. You can also go directly to

Here, you will login with your CUNYFirst/Blackboard credentials. It will be . The numbers you enter are the last two numbers of your emplid. Your emplid can be found on your QCC ID card. Click next.

CUNY login example within the Microsoft Portal login
Microsoft portal login

You will be taken to CUNY Web Applications Login. Enter the same CUNYFirst/Blackboard username and the CUNYFirst/Blackboard password. Click Login. (Keep in mind that if you need to reset your password, you need to do it through CUNYFirst/Blackboard).

CUNY Web Applications Login
CUNY Web Applications Login

Choose if you would like to remain logged in.

"Stay signed in?" prompt
Login option to save credentials signed in for longer period of time

You will find Microsoft 365 applications at the top. From there, choose Teams. You also have the option to install the Office suite on your computer.

Microsoft Teams logo appearing in the Microsoft suite collection along with Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more. Install Office office is highlighted.
Microsoft 365 applications along with Teams

Walking through Teams

In Microsoft Teams, you can create or join a team, make video/audio calls, instant message, upload/create files, and schedule working hours.

Two channels appearing, CATS and QCC SSD Staff.
Channels in Microsoft Teams

By clicking on Activity, it will open up your team’s feed.

Activity feed button is highlighted  with information showing of calls and changes made by users.
Activity Feed

By clicking on Chat, you will be able to instant message and make video/audio calls. You can also create a contacts list by clicking on Contacts and Create a new contact group. To start chatting, click on the new chat icon that is adjacent to the search bar at the top, or you can search for the person(s) that you want to chat with using the search bar. Keep in mind that only those that are in the QCC database will appear.

Search, Messages, Chat contacts and Join group button being highlighted, within the Messages section.
Chat in Teams

By clicking on Teams, you can access the teams that you are a part of, or you can create/join a team.

"Join or create team" button in Team section.
Joining a team

When you click on a team, you can start a conversation with your team members under Posts.

Call section with Teams.  Speed dial, Contacts, History, and Voicemail are some of options available.
Making calls in Teams

By clicking on Calls, you are able to see missed calls, and you can make video/audio calls.

Files section in Teams. This is a section where you can access files shared with in your Teams account. Accessing OneDrive files are also available.
Accessing Files in Teams

By clicking on Files, you are able to access your Teams’ files.