Session IVA

Learning Disabilities and Health Professions


Alyssa Provenzano


In 2016, students with disabilities are no longer relegated to specific professions and are exploring their career options with more gusto and excitement. At New York Institute of Technology, students with disabilities are presently thriving in a competitive college environment. This presentation will focus on students with disabilities who are presently completing a Health Professions degree which include Nursing, Physical Therapy, Physician Assistant and Occupational Therapy. Currently, there are about 10 students registered with the Office of Accessibility Services and who receive accommodations. While receiving exam/classroom accommodations during their tract is common, these students often come face to face with lack of accommodations when they reach practicum. This presentation will tell the stories of students who have disabilities looking to successfully complete their Health Professions degree and the obstacles they face in that field. There will be a discussion on support and advocacy for Health Professions students. We will also discuss and identify the ways we can support these students when they are in the field during their rotations and in the field.

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