Video Accessibility

Timing and Positioning

  • One to three lines of text should appear onscreen at a time.
  • Each caption should be viewable for three to seven seconds.
  • Each caption should be synchronized with the audio.
  • Captions should not cover graphics and other essential visual elements of the picture.
  • Each caption should not exceed 32 characters per line; however, where line division is required, it should be broken at a logical point where speech normally pauses.

Style and Formatting

  • Use a Sans Serif font (such as Arial, Helvetica, Veranda).
  • Use upper and lowercase letters.
  • Spelling should be accurate.
  • When there is more than one speaker present, identify who is speaking.
  • Use italics when a word is being defined or a word is heavily emphasized.
  • Numbers one through ten should be spelled out. Use numerals for numbers over ten.
  • Sound effects or any non-verbal sounds (such as music, laughter, or applause) should be captioned in square brackets.
  • Do not caption stuttering or hesitation.