Get Acquainted With Braille By Using Pocket Braille

For people who are blind or have vision impairments, learning Braille is useful and, in some cases, essential. However, resources for learning braille can be limited and difficult to find. Fortunately for Apple users, there is a free resource for learning braille in the form of Pocket Braille Reference.

The launch screen for Pocket Braille on the iPad welcomes users before directing them to one of its many reference tabs.

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Google Hangouts Brings A Personal Touch To Sign Language

For users who are hearing impaired or deaf,  it can be hard to get your message across over the internet sometimes. While services like Skype,  GoToMeeting, and OOVOO  are helpful with live video feed, they lack the accessibility aspect for millions of computer users. However, Google kept accessibility in mind for their latest feature, Sign Language Interpreter for Google Hangouts

Image of a Google Hangouts video chat with as viewed by one of Google's on-demand sign language interpreter.
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Become A Sign Language Expert With The ASL Dictionary App

As with any spoken language, learning American Sign Language (ASL) can be intimidating, but for instructors of deaf and hard of hearing students, it’s a necessity. Fortunately, learning ASL is not all that difficult, and Software Studios’ ASL apps make the process simple and engaging.

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BrailleBack, the Android ready Braille app

For people who are visually impaired, software such as TalkBack  allows their mobile phones to become accessible, fitting their needs.  With developers trying to further the agenda of making mobile devices more accessible, this app doesn’t fail at that.BrailleBack App Icon Continue reading