A New Kind Of Web Browsers With the Essentials for Accessibility

Navigating the internet can sometimes be hard for many users, especially given that World Wide Web is yet to be fully accessible. Web browser options are plentiful, with Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and others available. Yet, many of these lack integrated accessibility support, which means users have to get third-party programs and extensions to make their browsers accessible. The new eSSENTIAL ACCESSIBILTY Browser helps to make the process of accessing the internet much easier by incorporating these accessible features right out of installation.

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IDEAL Takes A Step Towards Making Youtube Accessible

More and more content is being made for Youtube. The wildly popular video streaming video service is quickly becoming a valuable resource for educators looking to incorporate media into their classes. But what about students who can’t see video? How can they access content that can sometimes be crucial for passing a class? There may be a mobile solution in the form of IDEAL Accessible Youtube Viewer.

A preview of a Youtube video with narration provided by the IDEAL app

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CATS At the Columbia University Assistive Technology Seminar

On October 30th, CATS collaborated with Columbia University’s Disability Services department at the 2nd Annual Assistive Technology Seminar, which was yet another success. Members of the CATS team spoke on a panel of AT experts, and several other presentations were given on advances in assistive technology and how it is implemented on campuses. Check out a few photos from the seminar below.

  • The CATS team. From left to right: Danny Villaroel, Shivan Mahabir, Kevin Korber, Athanasia Kalaitzidis
  • CATS Project Manager Shivan Mahabir (right) and Columbia University AT Coordinator Kelvin Mahabir at the Columbia Assistive Technology Seminar
  • Shivan Mahabir (left) with Columbia University Disability Services Director Colleen Lewis and Columbia AT Coordinator Kelvin Mahabir
  • A panel of AT experts takes questions on how to implement assistive technology on campuses. From left: Jill Roter, Kelvin Mahabir, Andrew Cioffi, Athanasia Kalaitzidis, Shivan Mahabir
  • The CATS team take in one of the presentations at the seminar.