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The National Library Service (NLS) is a free braille and talking book library service for any resident of the United States or American Citizen living abroad with temporary or permanent low vision, blindness, or a physical disability that prevents them from reading or holding a printed page. By filling out an online application, you will gain access to a national network of cooperating libraries. The NLS offers members access to books in the form of braille or audio formats either by mail or instant download.

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Camera Mouse

Camera Mouse Technology is a free program that was developed at Boston College that allows users to control the mouse by simply tracking the movement of their head. For example, users can click on an icon by resting on the icon for a predetermined amount of time.  Camera Mouse is for anyone with purposeful head movement that may not have full use of their hands. To use camera mouse, all you need is a Windows PC and a webcam. Some new features include a pause feature, right-clicking, and an improved way to specify an exclude zone.

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Camera Mouse


EagelEye is for any individual who may have little to no muscular control, but can control the movement of their eyes. EagleEye is an innovative technology developed at Boston College that acts as a mouse replacement system. By placing five electrodes on the head of users, the program translates the signal received from the electrodes into the position of the mouse pointer on the screen. Users are able to navigate a computer screen by simply moving their eyes. This technology allows users to play games, discover new things, and ultimately progress in education and towards meaningful communication.

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The device used for connecting the electrodes from students, that will be translated into the computer program.

Image of student using EagleEyes to play a game in the computer as she's laughing. The teacher is pointing to an icon on the computer screen while two other females are smiling too.



Disability Services at CUNY

The video below, title Disability Services at CUNY, has been produced through the efforts of Ashleigh Thompson, University Dean for Education, Central Office of Academic Affairs, with funding from the IT Accessibility Task Force Strategic Technology Initiative (STI).

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