OrCam My Eye 2.0

OrCam My Eye 2.0

OrCam My Eye 2.0 is a small device that sits on the side of a pair of glasses. It’s light in weight and about the length of a stick of gum, with easy connection to the frame of the glasses. The OrCam My Eye 2.0 is meant for anyone who is blind or visibly impaired. It has a 13-megapixel camera that takes a picture and relays the information back to the user. The device can read text from books, documents, or even a menu for users. It can also recognize known and unknown faces for the user. For example, if it’s someone you know, it will let say the person’s name. If it’s someone you do not know, it will either say a “man” or “woman” is in front of you.  My Eye 2.0 can also identify products and read barcodes for users when shopping. A few other features of the OrCam include color detection and the ability to recognize money. My Eye 2.0 can connect to your phone securely; it does not save any information onto your phone, and forgets the information after it’s been relayed.

Shows an older gentalmen sitting down, as he is holding up his book and pointing to the page to show the OrCam where to start reading. the OrCam is already placed on the side of his glasses.

To learn more about the OrCam My Eye 2.0 ,you can visit OrCam.

Grid Pad Pro

The Grid Pad Pro is a powerful device with a range of communication aids that are packed with features. The Grid Pad Pro has high-quality audio, multiple access options, and our servus environment control. The Grid Pad Pro is available in an 11”, 13”, and 18” versions and can be used as a portable device or mounted on a wheelchair.

The Grid Pad has easy access by using a responsive touch screen. You can also use specific key guards that will suit your needs. The Grid Pad Pro also comes with two switch ports and the option for wireless switch input using wireless Joycable accessories. The headphone socket will split the sound ready for auditory scanning. There are also two spare USB ports that allows for other alternative access devices to be used with the Grid Pad Pro, like a head mouse, joystick, or Brainfingers.

The Grid Pad Pro provides a complete AAC solution for people communicating with symbols, text, or a combination of both. It does have other features such as Computer Control, a complete suite of accessible apps, interactive learning resources, and access to the online grid portal. Updates and resources are simple when trying to edit or add something new to the grid such as cells or downloading a whole new grid set, which can all be done through your device. The grid can also be used to replace the remote controls that normally operate TV, music centers, and other systems that maybe similar.

Picture of the Grid Pad that is turned on with all the different symbols that the device offers

To learn more about The Grid Pad, you can visit Thinksmartbox.com where you can speak to local dealers about getting the Grid or for more information about the Grid Pad.


football player standing in a defensive position.

Shaquem Griffin was selected as the 141st overall pick by the Seattle Seahawks in the 2018 NFL draft. The 22 year old football player has a twin brother named Shaquill, who had been drafted in the 2017 NFL draft and currently playing the quarter back position for the Seattle Seahawks. Being born minutes apart from each other, Shaquem and Shaquill spent most of their lives together. They both attended the University of Central Florida who accepted them as a package deal on their football roster team. As they both grew up together and spent the majority of their lives living in one another shoes, there was always that one thing that separated the brothers. Shaquem was born with amniotic band syndrome. His diagnosis caused the stunted development of the appendage which led to unbearable pain. The result of that was at the age of 4, Shaquem had no choice but to amputate his left hand.

Being on the side of the fence with a disadvantage, Shaquem never let the negative thoughts run through his mind that the odds were against him, with the encouragement of his brother always reminding him “I continued to tell him,” Shaquill said, “it was a one percent chance that this could actually happen.” Shaquem got to the NFL combine where prospect athletes showcase their skills and talents for NFL scout recruiters.

Shaquem, using a prosthetic hand, bench pressed 225 pounds 20 times, a full three more reps than Shaquill had one year earlier. Also tied with his twin brother by running the 40-yard dash in 4.38 seconds, which holds the record for the fastest time for a linebacker at the combine since 2003.

Ekso Bionics

Ekso Bionics

Ekso Bionics is a worldwide pioneer in the field of robotic exoskeletons. For over 10 years, EKSO has been committed to developing the latest technology and engineering to help people rethink current physical limitations and achieve the remarkable. The Exoskeleton helps individuals unlock their human strength, endurance, and mobility potential. In 2016, Ekso Bionics received the first FDA-cleared exoskeleton for use with stroke and spinal cord injury level to C7 (C7 level spinal cord injury refers to vertebra communication with the tricep muscles.). Ekso Bionics is the only exoskeleton company to offer technologies that range from helping those with paralysis to stand up and walk, to enhancing human capabilities on job sites across the globe

Picture shows a man sitting in a wheelchair as he put on the exoskeleton suit it shows five level of the man standing up as he slowly gain his stands while using a walker he is able to balance himself and starts moving forward as he walks.

To learn more about the Exoskeleton or to try it out you can visit Ekso Bionics