CATS At the Columbia University Assistive Technology Seminar

On October 30th, CATS collaborated with Columbia University’s Disability Services department at the 2nd Annual Assistive Technology Seminar, which was yet another success. Members of the CATS team spoke on a panel of AT experts, and several other presentations were given on advances in assistive technology and how it is implemented on campuses. Check out a few photos from the seminar below.

  • The CATS team. From left to right: Danny Villaroel, Shivan Mahabir, Kevin Korber, Athanasia Kalaitzidis
  • CATS Project Manager Shivan Mahabir (right) and Columbia University AT Coordinator Kelvin Mahabir at the Columbia Assistive Technology Seminar
  • Shivan Mahabir (left) with Columbia University Disability Services Director Colleen Lewis and Columbia AT Coordinator Kelvin Mahabir
  • A panel of AT experts takes questions on how to implement assistive technology on campuses. From left: Jill Roter, Kelvin Mahabir, Andrew Cioffi, Athanasia Kalaitzidis, Shivan Mahabir
  • The CATS team take in one of the presentations at the seminar.

Take Notes Two Ways with AudioNote

Students familiar with the LiveScribe Pen are already familiar with the value of audio-synced notes and how they make studying an easier task. But, what if you could use that technology without the pen? With AudioNote, you can do just that.

An image of AudioNote playing back a recording and highlighting text on an Android device

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