Voice Recognition Software

Allows the user to create documents and navigate through programs by dictating by speaking into a microphone.


Recommended Devices


Dragon NaturallySpeaking
Dragon NaturallySpeaking
• Creation of documents, reports, spreadsheets, or messages just by speaking
• Ability to compose emails or search the Web for information faster than ever with Dragon Voice Shortcuts
• Nuance Text-to-Speech technology that reads on-screen text in human-sounding synthesized speech
• Dragon Voice Shortcuts that let you create email, schedule appointments, and search your desktop using simple voice commands
• Ability to use Dragon with a Nuance-approved digital voice recorder and automatically transcribe your recorded voice
• Support for Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Outlook, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, and virtually any other Windows application
• Ability to import/export custom word lists that can include commonly used proper names or industry-specific terminology
• Support for custom voice commands to quickly insert frequently used text and graphics

Recommended for: Students with Motor Disabilities and/or Learning Disabilities

For a list of supported microphones and hardware, visit support.nuance.com/compatibility.

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