CCTV (Closed Circuit Television)

Video magnifiers, both stationary and transportable, that can magnify material up to 44 times their original size. By placing viewing material under a built in video camera the image is magnified while the individual user zooms to the desired enlargement; output is displayed on the attached monitor. Color, contrast and highlight features are available across different CCTV models.  

Recommended Devices

ONYX Deskset ONYX Deskset • A choice of full color mode, enhanced black on white, enhanced white on black, yellow on blue, and yellow on black • A range of brightness adjustments to eliminate glare and enable viewing in low light • Masking and Reading Lines • A compact, lightweight design — The ONYX Deskset 17 weighs a mere 12 lbs. The ONYX Deskset 19 weighs only 15.4 lbs. • A Find feature to easily establish viewing perspective on an image prior to zooming • A unique, pocket-sized RF remote control that, unlike typical infrared remote control units, does not need to be pointed at the camera to work • Focus Lock to keep an object or document crisp and clear when working or writing under the camera • Freeze Frame to provide ample time to carefully review or inspect images • Adjustable monitor height and tilt

• One-button simplicity control. • Average zoom range of 2.7X – 72X. • Always-In-Focus™ technology ensuring crisp clear focus on every image. • Adjustable monitor arm allows the user to position the monitor for optimal viewing and comfort. • Adjustable brightness. • Easy-Glide reading platform with electronic brake. • High contrast text reading modes. • Photo mode for viewing pictures. • Exceptional brightness/contrast. • Vibrant Colors. • Multiple light sources for even illumination while in-use. ClearView+ Image of Clearview plus CCTV
Recommended for: Students with Low Vision or other eye conditions.

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